Shaken & Stirred - Influential Brand Profiling and Positioning

“Expect a large number of companies competing for the same domains” / Dot Brand Domains Disclosed – Wednesday 13th June

Jonathan Robinson, non-executive director, Afilias writes .. “While ICANN has confirmed it has received approximately 2,000 applications for new web addresses, the nature of these extensions won’t be made available until reveal day.

However, based on the large volume of applications Afilias has processed, we are already able to identify some very interesting trends. Primarily, our data indicates that rather than investing in domains which include their own brand name, such as .Google, businesses have shown preference in applying for more generic and geographical terms such as .web, .sport or .london.

This means we can expect a large number of companies competing for the same domains, having recognised the value in ‘owning’ such generic terms.“


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