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SPA Future Thinking / “Identifying the best combination of variables to optimise and drive value in your brand”

John Whittaker of SPA Future Thinking writes … Understanding your brand’s value and that of your competitors is vital to minimising risk and identifying potential.

We have recently enhanced our Volumetric Choice Based Conjoint (VCBC) modelling methodology which provides a quick, flexible and inexpensive understanding of changes to your market share, volume and brand value based on a number of ‘what if’ scenarios.

Our model identifies all value and volume output changes indexed for any new potential scenario against your current position to indicate potential uplift or highlight the risk of downshift against:

§  Influence of pricing – Your price changes or your competitors’ price changes to determine an optimal price point i.e. whether you can increase your price and by how much

§  Packaging – Changes to your pack size, design or brand name

§  Promotional strategies – Your promotional activity (with and/or without a response from your competitors) or your competitors promotional activity (and how you could respond)

§  Range – Optimise your range in competitive priced context i.e. the introduction of new SKU’s

§  Product claims – Change to an on pack claim on a current product

§  Or any interaction of the above variables.

In a nutshell it provides a cost effective alternative to full volumetrics, identifying the best combination of variables to optimise and drive value in your brand.

To find out more please call, or email, Andrew Tharme, Managing Director, on +44(0)1865 336 400 or send me a quick email.

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