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Adobe finds search advertising spend continues to climb with untapped opportunity in mobile

The Adobe Q2 Digital Advertising Report was released on Wednesday, 25th July 2012.   The main findings to come out of the research  revolve around:

  • Search advertising continued to grow in the UK, US and across Europe, representing a key channel for digital marketers. Search spend in the UK grew 18 percent, Year over Year (YoY). Additionally, growth rates for search spend were strong in the US and Germany, representing an 13 percent and 12 percent increase, respectively, YoY.
  • Mobile traffic, notably from tablets, continued to demonstrate a significant opportunity for advertisers. While tablet Cost Per Click (CPC) remained lower than desktop CPCs, conversion rates were 20 percent higher. This indicates there are significant opportunities for marketers to increase ROI by shifting advertising spend to tablet devices.
  • Brands continued to invest heavily in Facebook to drive fan growth, which grew by 21 percent Quarter over Quarter (QoQ) and 84 percent YoY worldwide. Facebook engagement among brands also grew by 60 percent QoQ and 338 percent YoY
  • Based on the client data from the last three quarters, trends are emerging in the advertising space.  To come – what they expect to see in Q3 and Q4 2012 in terms of search spend,tablet and mobile marketing and the role of Facebook.


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