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Businesses still don’t understand the importance of text

by on July 25, 2012 in Mobile

More people in the UK use their phones to text than call these days, proving that text messaging is still on the rise. Ofcom released a report today stating that there has been a clear shift away from traditional ways of staying in touch with only 47% making daily calls on their mobiles.

While this report uncovers the truth about how consumers like to send and receive information, Textlocal, the UK’s leading business mobile messaging company, states that there is still work to be done to educate businesses to communicate with their audiences in this way.

Alastair Shortland CEO of Textlocal said “Our own research indicates that many businesses are aware of mobile messaging, but there are still some who are yet to tap into the full potential of how powerful it can be as a business driver. We know that, whether businesses have a mobile strategy or not, there will always be a place for opt-in bulk SMS within the marketing mix, as a personal communication tool, sales or promotion tool or simply to send alerts and updates. Texting leads the way in fast, low-cost, direct conversations with consumers.”

Textlocal believe that mobile messaging is based on trust and permission. Their online system ‘Messenger’ enables any businesses to grow opt-in lists of customer data and intelligence and to text from PC, targeted communications directly the palms of customer’s hands. This powerful blend of design, usability and technology has been commended for being cost-effective, quick and proven to deliver results.

The fact that Ofcom have reported that text is on the rise, suggests that people want to communicate on the fly. Smart businesses give the customers what they want, while Textlocal provide those businesses with the tools to reach thousands of people instantly from one central place, managing responses and opening up long-term conversations and relationships. After all, isn’t texting about convenience, speed and that personal touch that no other medium offers?

Nothing left to do but try it all out for yourself. Mobile, have you clicked yet?


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