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The first company in the UK to enable brands to connect with customers and provide personalised offers based on verified purchase history / Shopitize

Shopitize brings a fresh and unique perspective to the world of shopping and aims to creatively link consumers directly with brands; first step mobile couponing to Shopitize app users

Shopitize, a semi-finalist in the BIG Cisco Awards, today announces a unique POS-independent mobile couponing service for brands. In doing so, the London start-up becomes the first company in the UK to enable brands to connect with customers and provide personalised offers based on verified purchase history – all within the mobile platform.

It’s a well known fact that the majority of us are experts at ignoring advertising, especially online ads. For this reason, it is becoming increasingly apparent to all brands that they have to work harder to keep, and enhance, their customer base.

One tool has made their lives easier – the smartphone. Recent research has claimed that more people have access to mobile phones than electricity or safe drinking water, and while this claim may be a little over the top, the fact is that using mobile technology is a prerequisite for all successful brands today.

Enter Shopitize – regarded by many as the UK’s one of most innovative evolving mobile businesses for brands to engage directly with the consumer.

This creative new shopping platform gives brands a cost-effective and dynamic solution to achieve all their mobile marketing goals.

Shopitize users utilize a smartphone app to simply snap photos of paper shopping receipts, which are then automatically uploaded to their personal space on Shopitize’s secure, enterprise class servers.

Quite simply, Shopitize, which is available for both iPhone and Android, turns a customer’s smartphone into their own personal shopping assistant. This, in turn, gives your brand a direct route to relevant, interested consumers. You can target the audience you want based on their actual shopping behaviour.

Phase one of Shopitize’s roll out plan is to offer brands mobile campaigns, coupon delivery and clearance and redemption. One of the key advantages of the offer is its short time to market (up to 3 weeks to set up) and its flexibility, as the promotion can be stopped once the campaign budget limit has been reached.

The couponing service can be customised to meet brands specific requirements and can be integrated into either new or planned multi-channel promotional campaigns.

Irina Pafomova

“We are offering brands the unique opportunity to come onboard with us and promote their products through a creative, well planned and targeted Shopitize mobile campaign,” says Irina Pafomova, co-founder and director. “This will allow brands to connect and reward their customers in a creative and straightforward way. Brands that come on board will have early market advantage and be better in tune with their consumers.

Pafomova adds: “The couponing service provides Brand Managers, as well as Marketing, Shopper Insights and CRM teams a unique opportunity to experiment with, and influence the digital transformation of mass marketing to mass personalisation.

“The key benefits for our partners include increased sales via a new mobile channel for coupon distribution, savings on promotion & redemption costs due to direct precision targeting of consumers, a deeper insight into your customers needs and the opportunity to attract new consumers through sharing within the Shopitize platform.”

Shopitize is currently in deep commercial discussions with some of the biggest brands in the UK.

Brands are now looking to add more creativity into their digital strategies as Bruce McColl, Global CMO at Mars, recently pointed out in interview:

“We are firm believers that sales and creativity are absolutely connected. We have a very simple business challenge – we are a mass brand owner that needs to reach billions of people across the globe. Creativity plays an enormous role to help cut-through.”


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