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Cybertill – The good news for retailers is that search engine marketing is no longer a ‘dark art’ : Ian Tomlinson

Cybertill has released the latest iteration of its ecommerce solution which enables businesses to operate as part of a seamless multi-channel operation or as a stand-alone ecommerce business, and like all Cybertill software it is web-based, meaning it can be managed from any location.

Cybertill’s latest ecommerce incarnation allows retailers to improve their website through a wide array of search engine optimisation tools as well as being able to promote and manage their site across social media websites. Cybertill is also offering a search engine marketing (SEM) consultancy to coincide with the new platform.

With the fragmentation of the ecommerce channel, Cybertill’s ecommerce software embraces all the different online channels, with eBay integration, a wide array of social media plug-ins so retailers can optimise their site and sell across social media platforms, as well as the central ecommerce engine. This seamlessly merges with Cybertill’s multi-channel retail software so retailers can manage and optimise all channels efficiently in real time.

“A stable and sophisticated ecommerce platform is critical for retailers in today’s environment,” comments Ian Tomlinson, founder and CEO of Cybertill. “Ecommerce is the one channel that is truly thriving posting double digit growth year on year. Cybertill’s latest ecommerce software will help retailers improve their visibility online and across social media. It will also make online a more flexible and consumer friendly experience with a one page checkout and guest checkout facility as well as a host of other tools, such as Amazon checkout.”

“It also allows true multi-channel integration,” continues Tomlinson. “We have updated the ‘click and collect’ facility, so it also allows ‘reserve and collect’ too. As Cybertill is cloud based all sales and stock can be seen real time, ensuring retailers sell what they stock. Cybertill can also offer a search engine marketing consultancy for those retailers unsure how best to optimise their site.

The good news for retailers is that search engine marketing is no longer a ‘dark art’. From simple keyword analysis and planning to writing relevant copy and inputting the appropriate headers, tags and so forth to link building and linking into social media. We want to share our knowledge to empower retailers to improve their visibility online. I am confident that Cybertill’s latest ecommerce software will be central to allowing retailers make the most of the ecommerce channel.”



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