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See-Me – the latest methodology revealing real consumer behaviour from SPA Future Thinking

See-Me provides an uninterrupted and unedited visual diary of consumer life by tracking where respondents go, what they do and what they are exposed to through a range of different cameras, be it video, motion sensor, or fish-eye camera. Cameras can also be used in situ to understand everything from product interaction to in-depth consumer lifestyle.

See-Me is now being used by a number of clients across the fmcg and media sectors and we’ve put together a short video that demonstrates how See-Me can help you get closer to real consumer behaviour. It’s less than two minutes long so why not watch it now.

See-Me™ provides an uninterrupted and unedited visual narrative of consumer life by tracking where they go, what they do and what they are exposed to through a range of different cameras, suitable to the task, be it micro HD video or fish-eye camera.

The cameras unobtrusive nature allows consumers to carry on with their everyday activities without interference and importantly without the presence of an interviewer. The passive technology means they “wear and forget or locate and forget”, thus providing an unbiased view.

Footage from the cameras can then be used in several ways. Researchers can use photo elicitation techniques to discuss content with the consumer and create a visual landscape from their point of view supported with a narrative; or simply compile highlight reels to complement existing quantitative or qualitative research.

Where can it be used?
Specifically, we believe See-Me™ is great for:

  • Bringing segments to life and understanding consumer lifestyles: Live in their world, see a day in their life
  • Product & packaging tests: See how consumers react to choosing, opening, using and consuming products
  • Shopper insight: Understand shopper behaviour and the in store environment
  • Mystery shopping: See the customer experience first-hand and identify best and worst practice
  • Identify exposure to advertising: Check opportunities to view and see the context in which your brand is presented.

See-Me™ is ideal for small, fast-turnaround projects or longer-term tracking studies, with the flexibility of carrying out studies across multiple locations.

What are the outputs?
A short film provides a visual landscape of your consumers’ world. Narrative is then recorded and overlaid onto a final video montage.

Complementing Be-There™, launched earlier this year, both methodologies use new technology to work alongside traditional research methods to help bridge the gap between a consumer’s actual behaviour and reported behaviour.

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