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Rumoured: Seb Coe spotted yelling into a mobile “What? There’s two Congos as well

Locog has blamed a video producer from a production company for the row over the Olympic flag mix-up as angry North Korean officials demanded to know whether the embarrassing episode was staged deliberately.

In the incident which one foreign journalist described as “one of the more bizarre moves in Olympic history” the North Korean women’s soccer team stayed in their Hampden changing rooms for 40 minutes in protest at a massive flag blunder.

The London Organising Committee of the Olympic Games (Locog) said an official apology will be made to the North Korean team and the National Olympic Committee, and steps will be taken to ensure such an incident never happens again.

Hope they get the Sudans & the Guinea’s right MT @norock Rumoured: Seb Coe spotted yelling into a mobile “What? There’s two Congos as well

Relations between the two Koreas have been tense since the armistice in 1953 that brought an end to fighting in the Korean War, which cost two million lives.

It was the picture of the South Korean flag that kicked off this ‘blunders of all time’ Games. Let’s hope it’s not going to be the norm.

How did this happen? Is it because some poor guy in Glasgow has got the flags mixed up or was it a prankster at work? What do you think?

Along with the eleven million pounds over run on the budget can this organising committee really claim to have it all under control? At least the Ladies GB football team won – but something like 10,000 free ticket holders did not turn up

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