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Try the ‘Enhanced 50/50 plan’ from theMarketingblog. Strategic content marketing combined with a 65,000+ reach

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Could your company reduce costs while making your marketing both easier to manage and more effective?

You should consider testing the ‘Your Enhanced 50/50′ plan from theMarketingblog

Prior to testing the’Your Enhanced 50/50′ plan from theMarketingblog your marketing team may well struggle because they could be using various tools which together were  not giving them a full picture of their marketing.

They could be using an unreliable tracking program, a search engine keyword ad tool, and simple lead contact forms that does not provide them with a lot of useful information.  Your marketing is potentially becoming increasingly expensive, ineffective, and difficult to manage.

A solution. We at theMarketingblog can create a series of ‘Your Enhanced’ 50/50′ issues for you which can be published in the 65,000 reach of theMarketingblog newsletter

We back this up by loading the content from these issues into as many Social Media sites as possible including 50+ LinkedIn Group Sites

Our LinkedIn Group sites

There is the very best of tracking so that you get a full reader results report each time. A complete data set for every reader that clicked through including email address, and in many cases first/last name, address and even telephone number

Here are examples of  previous special issues

What do I get with the ‘Your Enhanced 50/50′ plan?

Here are all the important reasons why you should lift the phone and have a chinwag with us 01784 434 412. Call today for all the details.

  • Dynamic ‘ahead of the pack’ social media exposure for your articles etc across all the main sites including Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google+ etc.
  • A weekly ‘solid thrust’ – 65,000+ UK marketing decision makers and influencers – It’s by far the best reach available
  • Content creation : We take away all the hassle of creating regular worthwhile copy – a ‘happy’ bonus for you – (and / or we use your material)
  • A full tracking report in the form of an Excel spread sheet each time your headline or URL appears in the newsletter
  • Personal service like you have never experienced before
  • A full microsite of all your articles, stories etc for your promotional use – worth the monthly outlay on its own
  • You get your message loaded into 50+ LinkedIn Group sites. Plus we are now loading into Pinterest and a ‘happy extra bonus’ we can  set up a Pinterest board for you.
  • You also get full use of our new video builder service.

What does it cost?

Plan today to spend only £635  to get this ”Your Enhanced 50/50′ plan set up for your company from  August 2012  onwards

Each time you can have at least eight ‘View from the Top’ articles working for your business in 2012 in your own ‘Your Enhanced 50/50′ special issue. Get started today for improved results in the second quarter of 2012.  – at only £635 it’s particularly good value and it will improve your bottom line figures – fact!

Better still you can have three special issues for the price of two – only £1,270. That’s just over £400 each time. It’s a no brainer!

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