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Easier for consumers to pay by card for services in the home

by on August 15, 2012 in Marketing, Nuggets, Retail, Retail News, Small Business, Startups is helping a leading UK Franchise, OvenU, to roll out low cost card acceptance services to its franchisees so consumers can pay for cleaning services in the same way as they would a large business – by credit& debit card.

Rik Hellewell, owner and founder of the OvenU franchise said “We are regularly being asked by customers if we can take a card payment, and while some franchisees do accept card payments, most were reluctant to do so because of high set-up costs, monthly fees and complex paperwork. From a brand perspective this created an inconsistency in our service offering, so we searched the market for a card acceptance service that allowed us to take payments without the need for a physical terminal at the lowest cost, and which didn’t penalise us if the service was not used. Payatrader fitted the bill perfectly and is already being used by just over one third of my franchisees with more in the pipeline”

The Payatrader service, which offers an unrivalled number of integrated payment channels, enabling users to take credit & debit card payments online, by telephone, mobile and email, comes without any of the usual monthly fees or other financial or contractual commitments. It’s simple to understand, easy to use and quick to set-up.

First piloted in 2010, Payatrader was specifically designed for small businesses and those that accept low volumes of card payments. It now caters for a broad range of business types from start ups with no trading history to very established companies looking to reduce costs or for greater payment functionality, flexibility & control.

Payatrader has seen a number of recent successes in the franchise marketplace and can support both a centralised account model for the franchisor that tracks payments taken by each franchisee and a distributed account model where individual franchises are provided with their own affordable facility.

Bill Thomson, MD said “this is a very simple and transparent service,that’s ideal for small franchisees that need to keep an eye on costs. With Payatrader businesses only pay when they use the service yet still benefit from competitive rates, rich functionality and a straightforward application process- which means facilities can be provided the same day.


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