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National Elf Service calls up Whoosh PR

by on August 22, 2012 in Lead story, PR, Retail News, Scotland

Minervation is a ground breaking design, technology and social media consultancy specialised in producing highly-relevant evidence-based healthcare information.

This innovative healthcare expert combines superior design skills with specialist content creation, and has developed websites and online content for leading charities, public sector organisations, academic groups and commercial clients since 2002. ‘National Elf Service

Minervation prides itself on finding high quality research, filtering out irrelevant or biased unreliable evidence, and summarising the information in an easy to understand format. The company ethos centres on simplicity, clarity and dependability.

Minervation launched its ‘National Elf Service’ in May of this year, which supplies research in medical areas such as mental health, dentistry, diabetes, learning disabilities, musculoskeletal health and healthy lifestyle. Its aim is to help people find the relevant health information in the easiest way possible.

As part of this service, it has recently launched its ‘Mental Elf’ app for the iPhone, which aims to transform the way people search and receive mental health information.

The idea behind the app is to help health professionals keep up to date with all the relevant mental health information in the easiest format possible. So many new research, guidance and policy documents are published every day, that it’s virtually impossible for anybody to keep up to date with the important evidence – until now.

Whoosh PR’s success at landing this exciting account follows on from a string of recent client wins including Mobikats, Mobilethink, Shopitize, Tweakker and Direct Save Telecom.

Whoosh Account Director, Michael Donaldson, says that Minervation is a unique digital company that’s set to revolutionise the way medical specialists and students seek new information and learn.

“Clearly, we’re delighted to have won the Minervation account and to help promote its National Elf Service, and their Mental Elf app in particular.

“Minervation is on the verge of changing the way medical professionals seek out new information. The Mental Elf app will become their must-have medical researcher delivering a synopsis directly to the smartphone.”

André Tomlin, co-founder of Minervation, explains: “Whoosh PR is a telecoms, mobile and emerging technologies PR specialist with a proven track record in promoting apps through highly successful PR campaigns for companies such as Mobikats and Shopitize.

“We see this appointment as an exciting opportunity for us to enhance our brand and show the healthcare world what we can do for them.”

Minervation was created in 2002 by co founders André Tomlin and Douglas Badenoch as a spin-out from Oxford University. The company is also in the process of developing apps for all of its National Elf Service content.

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