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by on August 11, 2012 in Latest News

So, here we go again. Another poor child loses her life. I am so angry. What is going on in the world. How can this happen? Where are we going wrong? How is it that our children are no longer safe in the environment of the “family”.

Let’s look a  little closer, shall we? How well do we know the so called family, extended though it may be.

Come on people, who are the adults here? Are we not supposed to ensure the safety and welfare of our children? Yes, they are children, we are supposed to be the adults. Why don’t we behave like adults, like responsible people. For heaven’s sake, let us stop thinking about our own foolish and childish needs and desires……. We must look after our children. They are the innocents in the world, we must help them, protect them, treasure them.

We must be responsible. Who is involved in your child’s life? Are they trustworthy? Would you trust this adult with your child’s life? If the answer is a shaky “not sure”….. then do something about it. Get a grip people. Get real. We must grow up and look after our children. How many more tragedies must occur before we take this seriously. What are we going to do about it?

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