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Sexy new commercial for the 2013 Toyota Auris (video)

by on August 25, 2012 in Advertising, Lead story, Retail News, Rock 'n Roll, TV, Videos

A sexy new commercial for the 2013 Toyota Auris (aka the Corolla) that features 19 year old model Stav Strashko, will have men shaking their heads…enjoy.

“Not authority, but Auris,” is the slogan Toyota is using for its recently launched 2013 Auris. The newly designed vehicle has gone through a refresh that is likely to dictate the brand’s visual approach in future vehicles. Not wanting to miss a beat, Toyota has followed its big stage presentation with an equally, engaging ad campaign.

Taking a page out of the “shock and awe” book, the new advertisement features a 19 year old Ukrainian model clad in nothing but a bikini bottom and over-sized coat. With a strut that can only be complemented by the car’s lines, the commercial ends with the top going down. You will have to see for yourself whether it’s the car’s…or the model’s.

Once you watch the video below, Toyota’s message of things not always being what they seem will become very, very clear. To make the ad even more of a mind-bender, the last Japanese reads something to the means of “turn your back (butt) to the rules.”


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