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“Sweaty in the saddle” / David Pearson, Filmology

by on August 16, 2012 in Events, Events & Awards, News you can use, Nuggets

David Pearson,Milton Keynes based director of Filmology, the UK’s leading film and cinema promotions specialist, is preparing to embark on the biggest challenge of his life – cycling 800 miles in just eight days in the searing heat from the North coast of Spain to the Algarve.

Raising money for Helen and Douglas House, a hospice for terminally ill children and young people, David Pearson forms part of the Sweaty in the Saddle team, a group of five men participating in this challenge to raise money for various charities.

David Pearson says: “I’m feeling excited, nervous, unfit and under-prepared!  I’m worried but also looking forward to the challenge and being able to donate money to this very worth cause, and hopefully being able to make a difference to the lives of terminally ill children.”

If you would like to support him visit

For more information on the ride or the charities, visit:


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