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Ybrant Digital leads pilot campaigns on bespoke Facebook mobile ads for clients

Ybrant Digital, one of Facebook’s® Preferred Marketing Developers (PMDs), are among the first digital media agencies to provide clients with the credible and unique flexibility to place Facebook Ads and Sponsored Stories specifically targeting mobile users, as well as display and video. Having participated in the testing of Sponsored Stories on mobile, Ybrant is now well placed to understand Facebook Ads on mobile, not just on context of Facebook campaigns, but also mobile campaigns.

The ability to target placements is accessible through Ads API companies or accounts with Power Editor access. Ybrant Digital, with its global buying power and scope of knowledge in this market, has put it into practice directly for clients, and has already started running several campaigns in different countries.

Dave Katz, Ybrant Digital’s UK Managing Director said, “We can offer specialist client service as we use broad categories targeting, to specifically target mobile, producing cost efficiencies with higher reach. This means that we can push for better ROI for our clients each and every time.”

The company reports that since mobile News Feed has been added as a targeting option, the availability of the most engaging ad format- Sponsored Stories in News Feed – has more than doubled. “Ybrant’s Social team tested the mobile News Feed Ads in many countries” continued Katz, “and the results are unanimous: they maintain the high response metrics we expect of Sponsored Stories, while filling in the gap to reach all those more than half of users that connect to Facebook on their mobile device.”

These unique buying power and scope of knowledge in producing ROI driven campaigns are what make Ybrant Digital different to other global digital agencies. As one of Facebook’s PMDs, Ybrant not only delivers value for clients via social media advertising, but they do the same for mobile, display, video and gaming. Katz concluded, “We at Ybrant Digital are constantly pushing to be innovative, tech savvy and always looking at the horizon to see what is coming up in the near future for clients, but also knowing what they will want today.”


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