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StumbleUpon, the easiest way to find great stuff from across the Web, today released a new, completely redesigned iOS application for iPhone and iPad. With the StumbleUpon App for iPhone and iPad, users can discover thought-provoking articles, laugh-out-loud videos, unforgettable photos and more, across millions of web pages recommended by people with similar interests.

New with this release, the app highlights trending content and activity from friends and Interest experts making it easy to find the most popular and relevant stuff on the Web.

“We have completely reimagined StumbleUpon on iOS to bring a fluid and innovative feel to discovery,” said Cody Simms, Vice President, Product at StumbleUpon. “StumbleUpon turns your iOS device into a really fun way to be surprised with creative, informative and entertaining stuff from the infinite sea of content on the Web.”

New features include:

  • Updated navigation and easy-to-use design: Navigation within the app has been redesigned so users can spend more time discovering and sharing great stuff from across the Web. Users can now Stumble, rate and share all in a few seconds from the top and bottom toolbars that automatically recede to provide a full-screen viewing experience.
  • Faster Stumbling with ‘Slide’ preview: With every Stumble, users will now see a small preview – a “Slide”– of the page being recommended as it loads in the background. Swiping through Slides allows for quick browsing of recommended content.
  • Trending content and social activity: From the new dynamic home screen, users can explore the most popular stuff on the Web as well as content recommended by friends and Interest experts.
  • Stronger personal identity: Stumbles have always been personalised for each individual StumbleUpon user. With this release, StumbleUpon debuts StumbleDNA, a colour bar that appears on every user’s profile page, providing a dynamic visual representation of each individual’s mix of interests on StumbleUpon.  As users rate content through StumbleUpon, the unique StumbleDNA will change to represent their evolving tastes. Users can compare similarities and differences among members of the StumbleUpon community by comparing StumbleDNA.


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