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It can seem like an impossible ask to repair your restaurants reputation, bad reviews have a horrible habit of creating word of mouth campaigns that spread fast both on the internet and by word of mouth. These bad reviews can and will harm your business, effect sales and if left alone can destroy a business. For further information contact Mark Hall on 07841 779892 / 08456 890089 or

  • 82% of Internet users trust customer reviews over expert reviews or testimonials on a company website.
  • 95% of potential customers will not buy if they read a negative review.
  • 79% of potential customers are influenced by online reviews when purchasing offline.
  • Companies with positive reviews convert 183% more new business than those with no reviews or negative reviews.

On occasion bad reviews are left by angry ex employees or by your local competition. Many of these reviews are slander, but yet you as a business owner have very few options in proving this.

At Got Juice we are 100% committed to restoring your reputation by removing and deleting false reviews if possible or by suppressing bad reviews and mentions so they are no longer a problem and not shown in the search engine results pages. Our ongoing focus will be to improve your reputation by establishing positive reviews and making sure page 1 on the search engine results pages only have great mentions of your business.

Currently the way that the internet works means that just a single bad review can harm your business and be shown at the top of the search engine results and by attempting to contact the review site or website will not lead to a removal or change of the negative comment. They will claim that they are not biased and promote both good and bad reviews.

We offer reputation management solutions that solve this problem

The majority of the time bad restaurant reviews are outside of the business owners control, instead of contacting the restaurant directly or by complaining while they are eating, customers now use the internet to post bad or misleading information and reviews about the restaurant. In this situation the best and most cost effective way is engage with Got Juice and remove and suppress them using our review management platform and online reputation management solutions.

Our system is proven to help restaurants gain the good reputation that they deserve. We will fix your bad reviews and also ensure that you gain good reviews and that all your search engine results are positive. This approach enables owners to focus on their business and gain new sales, safe in the knowledge that their reputation is been monitored and protected.

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Companies with positive reviews convert 183% more new business than those with no reviews or negative reviews.

The got juice blog has free expert advice and tips on topics such as; how to improve your personal reputation, how to respond to negative reviews and how to manage your children’s reputation online and many more that visitors are free to browse and take advantage of.

Got Juice will invest over £250,000 in technology over the next 5 years


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