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JABANG! music streaming service hits the right note with SecureTrading

JABANG!, a service which allows retailers and hospitality businesses to stream licensed music to enhance the customer experience, has selected SecureTrading, the UK’s leading independent payment processor to give its customers an easy way to pay for its products and get started.To use JABANG!, customers require a PC connected to an in-store music system, a broadband connection as well as existing PRS and PPL licenses to play music in a commercial environment.  JABANG!’s premium service also allows businesses to customise playlists and run in-store promotions and competitions.  By integrating with SecureTrading’s competitive payment solution, retailers and hospitality businesses remove the headache of playing music in store and drive footfall.

Steven Foster, Managing Director at George Thomas International, said: “We have been working with SecureTrading on previous projects and cannot fault their outstanding customer service.  Setting up the payment processing for the JABANG! site was hassle free and most importantly, it’s a system our customers can trust.”

Justin Fraser, Sales and Marketing Director at SecureTrading, comments: “George Thomas International has been at the forefront of digital marketing and creative solutions for many years and we are delighted to provide the payment gateway for their latest venture.”



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