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Laughter Spot – Cross dressers make the best husbands

A poll from a leading Women’s magazine has revealed that cross dressers make the best husbands.

“Even the gay ones,” said Kay Bored, editor of women’s magazine I’m a Woman. “Obviously in a civil partnership.”

The study was quite revealing according to Bored.

“We discovered that for women who like their husband to accompany them on shopping trips, a cross dresser is ideal. Not only will they offer useful advice on colour combinations, they’ll even by a matching outfit. Bonus.”

In the home, cross dressers come into their own, bringing culinary skills as well as a desire to perform home making tasks, such as washing the dishes and vacuuming not only without being asked, but voluntarily.

“One of the surprising things we discovered,” said Bored, “is that cross dressers use the same number of colours as women. Men use nine colours, describing olive as green and cerise as pink, when patently they’re not. A cross dresser knows what colour terracotta or aubergine is.”

Living with a cross-dresser isn’t all a bed of roses, although cross dressers love flowers, and will provide a bed of roses.

“After the wedding, the temptation to try on the wedding dress is going to be strong,” said Bored. “There are two ways around this. Either let him, or lose enough weight so that there is no way he can ever fit into it without losing a hip bone.”

Another problem is wardrobe space.

“I don’t know about other women,” said Bored. “But I have two double wardrobes. My husband has one single wardrobe, and this suits. If he was a cross dresser, he’d need much more space. And I don’t think it would fit into the bedroom. Not without losing the 1940s decorative standard lamp and Victorian reading chair. Plus, think of all the extra ironing. Unless he’d do that too.”


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