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TheMarketingblog’s most watched video this year – T-Mobile’s Carly Foulkes, the leggy brunette

An oldie but goldie – Itching for a comeback, T-Mobile is assuming a new-challenger attitude as it kick-starts a brand refresh by toughening up its pink-clad TV spokesperson. Talk about TV everywhere:

  • I have to admit I really like this video compared to their other cutesy videos. I feel like this is TMobile saying they’re serious. It’s about time too!

Carly Foulkes, the leggy brunette who has starred in T-Mobile’s ads since 2010 and been dubbed by some a DVR-proof pitch personality, is trading her usual frocks for biker leather as the wireless carrier looks to halt mass subscriber defections and uncertainty following AT&T‘s failed takeover bid.

The commercial, “Alter Ego,” makes its debut this week. It finds Carly, after tearing up her closet, emerging in a black-leather jumpsuit and riding away on a motorcycle.

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