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Halifax has leapfrogged to rank in second place visibility-wise online / Retail Banking Sector Report

by on September 27, 2012 in Apps, FaceBook, Google, iPhone, Lead story, LinkedIn, Metrics, Retail, Retail News, Social Media

Halifax has overtaken to become the second most visible site for Retail Banking-related searches in the organic search* listings, according to the latest research from leading independent digital marketing agency, Greenlight.

Greenlight’s report, ‘Retail Banking Sector Report – Issue 13’ profiles the total number of searches and most popular keywords UK consumers used when they went online  in July to find mortgages, loans, credit and debit cards and bank accounts. League tables chart the most visible websites in each of these subsectors.

The report reveals MoneySupermarket was the most visible website in July in the Natural Search listings, achieving a 68% share of visibility through ranking at position one for 229 keywords including ‘loans’ and ‘credit cards’.

Halifax followed with a 36% share of visibility overall. Interestingly, Halifax ranked highly in the Natural Search listings for mortgage-related keywords with a 58% share of visibility.

MoneySupermarket was also the most visible advertiser, in the Paid Media** space, achieving a dominant 85% share of voice.

However, Greenlight’s report for the previous quarter (April 2012) showed that the comparison site achieved a higher share of visibility in April in Natural Search but it increased its share of voice in the Paid Media space in July.

Google’s financial comparison ads will make for interesting competition with comparison websites such as MoneySupermarket and For example this month, following on from credit cards and bank accounts, Google launched a price comparison service for car insurance in the UK. Moreover, the emergence of Google Wallet, a mobile payment facility, demonstrates how Google is moving further into the financial arena.

Other key findings from Greenlight’s report reveal:

  • In July, more than 2.3 million Retail Banking-related searches were made;  4% down on April’s 2.4 million
  • Loan-related searches were the most popular. They made up a 39% share of all Retail Banking-related searches
  • ‘Mortgage calculator’ was the most popular search term, accounting for a 13% share of overall searches
  • Halifax was the most visible brand in Greenlight’s Social Media analysis, attaining a Klout score of 59
  • When compared to April, CompareTheMarket saw its share of visibility in July increase by 47% for credit and debit card-related search terms and by 12% for Loans-related keywords

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