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Want a great coffee? / Starbucks introduce Sainsbury’s vending machines

Starbucks Vending Machine Launched in Sainsbury's | Hot Drink

Convenience and speed – these are two of the drawbacks of getting a good coffee. Even though Starbucks seem like they are everywhere, the majority of its outlets are in city centres, which is no good if you’re in a rush and don’t happen to be based within the city.

But don’t worry, thanks to a new initiative, Starbucks are placing vending machines in select Sainsbury’s stores it has been revealed – furthering the reach of the global giant even more so that whoever wants a great coffee has more chance of getting one.

As you would expect, Starbucks is using cutting edge vending machine technology, introducing a touch screen interface, allowing you to choose your favourite hot beverage. It is reported that the vending machines will have a choice of up to 280 of your favourite choices, all of which can be accessed through a couple of taps. To make waiting a more enjoyable experience, the touch interface will allow users to play a game whilst the coffee is being made.

It is said that the average coffee will take less than a minute to be made by the vending machine, plus the machines will be slightly cheaper than your usual Starbucks outlet, with coffee just a few pence cheaper per size and no extra charge levied for extra shots of coffee in your drink.

Speaking about the introduction of Starbucks vending machines in Sainsbury’s UK stores, Ian Cranna, Marketing Vice President at Starbucks UK, said: “We want to have thousands across the UK giving customers the opportunity to get Starbucks coffee wherever they are. It is a response to a clear need. The most common thing I hear from customers is that they want a Starbucks closer by.”

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