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The use of Social Media in everyday business: Some interesting revelations

Yesterday saw the launch of 2012 Social Media Week in London. As part of the celebrations an opening reception was hosted by SNR Denton and sponsored by the Financial Times and Nokia.

At the event, members of London’s social media, digital and corporate elite were surveyed about their thoughts on social media in everyday business.

Of particular note, over half of attendees felt that Facebook’s recent significant shares drop had not had a negative impact on investments in social media.

Not surprisingly, 92% felt that senior management within their organisation value social media as an important business tool. It was revealed that use of Twitter is almost as popular in the workplace as it is privately. This stands in sharp contrast with Facebook which is used to a much greater extent personally, and LinkedIn which is almost uniquely viewed as a business tool.

Although more than half revealed that they see risks associated with data created through social media, a mere 4.5% felt uncomfortable with colleagues engaging in social media in a professional capacity. Over a third of respondents revealed that they had closed a social media account – perhaps signalling a newfound awareness of the need to actively manage ones online presence.

Commenting on the results, Ingrid Silver, Partner and Head of the London Media practice at SNR Denton said: “This is clearly an area which is constantly evolving and will continue to push legal and commercial boundaries. What these results confirm is that social media is now firmly embedded in mainstream business activity.”


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