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Increasing awareness and trial of Sunbites via experiential activity

Walkers engages advocates to cook with Sunbites and promote trial. Walkers’ brand Sunbites is engaging its top 30 advocates with an exclusive cookery experience in a move designed to educate and promote trial of the wholegrain crispy snack. Facebook page,

The Sunbites Flavour Kitchen activity will be promoted through a cookery experience that will result in the first-ever Sunbites cook book. The thirty advocates – dubbed ‘Sunbites flavour ambassadors’ – will comprise of 20 of the brand’s most active fans on its Facebook page, The remaining 10 advocates will be selected via an online recipe competition located on the Sunbites Facebook page, where members are invited to submit the title of a dish that includes Sunbites as an ingredient.

The advocates will then be invited to an all-expenses-paid cookery day in London where they will participate in a blind-tasting session before rustling up a five course Sunbites-inspired meal. The 30 dish ideas will be constructed into full recipes by a food economist, and prepared and photographed to be published in the Sunbites cookery book. One winning recipe will be selected to appear on the front of the cookery book.

Increasing awareness and trial of the brand

INITIALS Marketing created the cookery experience, with digital platform through StandOut. This latest activity follows on from Sunbites’ ‘Once Bitten, Flavour Smitten’ campaign, which was aimed at increasing awareness and trial of the brand via experiential activity. To further drive consumer engagement via Facebook, Sunbites will be partnering with Ocado where its c100,000 fans can order the recipes directly through the grocer from the Sunbites Facebook page.

George Eapen, marketing manager at Better For You, said: “Sunbites has high repeat rates, once people try them they keep buying them. However the challenge lies in raising awareness and trial of the product. Hence our ‘Once Bitten, Flavour Smitten’ campaign. This activity is designed to start getting our consumers to spread this message, and the Flavour Kitchen is the executional unlock to do this.  By immersing our 30 most loyal fans in a Sunbites world, using cooking as a hook, which we know Sunbites can utilise and our consumers love, it will give them a springboard to talk to others about the brand.”

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