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Whitbread announces ‘new look’ trial restaurants for Beefeater

Whitbread is to trial some ‘new look’ Beefeater restaurants as part of an ongoing R&D project for the brand.

The trial restaurants will offer guests a casual dining experience and a brand new menu focussing on steak as well as modern twists on classic dishes. New branding for the trial restaurants will reinforce the brand’s steak heritage through a stylised pink cow logo and a new strap line “Passionate about steak”.

The first trial restaurants are now open in Ashford, Burton on Trent and Birmingham followed by more later this financial year. Each restaurant’s interior will have a contemporary new look that echoes the new Beefeater branding.

David Murdin, Marketing Director for Whitbread Restaurants commented “Beefeater is trialling a new look and menu, with a whole new take on steak, at three of its restaurants across the UK. We’re excited to see how these first trial sites are received by our customers.”

2 thoughts on “Whitbread announces ‘new look’ trial restaurants for Beefeater”

  1. David Bovingdon

    Hi There

    I visited the Birmingham Restuarant during the week, as much as the interior is slightly improved, the music was way too loud – if I wanted this style of Restuarant I would have spent my money next door at TGI’s(also owned by whitbread).

    The whole experience was poor, the tacky cow shaped gravey boats, grease proof paper around the chips, oh and if clean knives fall all over the floor please place them back in the dish washer, don’t mix them back in with the clean cutlery!!

    My partner visited the Restuarant for a quiet warm night, and experienced a poor TGI Fridays, put it back, improve the menu (I’m happy to consult) Beefeaters is too close to TGI’s, it’s like Pizza Hut selling Burgers – come on TGI is smack bang next door.

    The decor is enough to put you off eating meat too – which focus group did up use for the interior!!!

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