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CoppaFeel! give you the ‘Horne’ at the cinema

Creative agency ais London has revealed a new cinema campaign – ‘CoppaFeel! In The Dark’ – for the youth breast cancer awareness charity CoppaFeel! The ad features a voice-over (VO) from Gavin and Stacey star Mathew Horne.ais London has created a unique ad to be played in 500 cinemas across the country. It will be going live at the beginning of November.

The charity is backed by high profile celebrities, Fearne Cotton, Dermot O’Leary and James Cordon.

The brave 30’ spot takes advantage of the already dark and intimate venue. With no visuals – just a dark screen accompanied by a cheeky VO from Mathew Horne – it encourages cinemagoers to coppafeel of their boobs, there and then, whilst no-one can see them

Following the success of the agency’s ‘CoppaFeel! In The Shower’ campaign – which launched earlier this year – the initiative continues to strengthen the message that checking your breasts should be the ‘habit of a lifetime.’

Script from the cinema ad:

Oi, oi!  The lights are down.

It’s the perfect time for a quickie.

Right stop fiddling with your popcorn.

And put your hands to good use.

G’on … give your boobs some attention.


Even you sir in the back row with the moobs, you can do it too I mean I’m touching mine, whatever.

The better you know them, the more likely you’ll notice when something changes.

All done?

I’m still touching mine.

Steve Stretton, Founding Partner at ais London, said: “The best creative work always happens when the client believes in you and you believe in the client. I like to think that’s the relationship we have with CoppaFeel!. And this latest piece of work is testament to that relationship. A simple, attention-grabbing thought that we’re both proud of.”

Kris Hallenga, founder and CEO at CoppaFeel!, added: “We’re constantly pushing the boundaries of awareness and education, and this is yet another great way to get people thinking about their boobs and reminding them to check them regularly. The only way we can make boob-checking part of everyday routine is by integrating messages like this into everyday life. Mat Horne was the perfect guy, with the perfect voice, to deliver this potentially lifesaving message in a cheeky yet credible way, which we hope will leave a lasting impression on everyone watching movies at the cinema during the campaign period. How amazing would it be for people to go home and CoppaFeel! after their night at the movies…”

The charity – aimed at young people – promotes early detection through education about the signs and symptoms of breast cancer, encouraging young people to check regularly and seek medical advice when concerns arise.


Title/project                                      CoppaFeel! In the Dark

Agency contact                                Steve Stretton

Agency contact job title                 Founding Partner

Client name                                       Kris Hallenga

Client job title                                   Founder and CEO

Copywriter                                        Kieran Ainsworth

Art Director                                       Leanne Holloway

Planner                                               Adele Meer

Account Director                              Natalie Powell

Account Manager                            Seby Gurrieri

Production company                     Rorschach

Rorschach                                          Pam Myers

On Air Sound Design                        Tim Lofts

Rushes                                                Carl Grinter

Sue Terry Voices                               Anthea Perry

Exposure                                            Cinema, outdoor, ambient, experiential

Voice-over                                         Mathew Horne

Media agency                                  Arena Media

Steve Booth                                      CEO

Media Executive                               Ben Newton

Media Owner                                   Pearl and Dean

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