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Could Pheed be the new Twitter? / Why won’t this site crash and burn after a short run of attention, like so many others?,all,all

In short, think of it as Twitter, with a business plan. We always hear of “the-next-greatest-idea” social network that thinks it has what it takes to compete with the likes of Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, or Instagram. more…

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Yet we also see big brands like Myspace or Google+ struggling to get in the game. So what makes Pheed any different? Why won’t this site crash and burn after a short run of attention, like so many others?

Pheed Launches A Social Network That Feels Like A Mash-Up Of Every Social Network You Use

[FastCompany] The new service pulls in elements of Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, YouTube, and SoundCloud on a single platform to make content creation easy.

My Take: Wow revenue is built into the business model at launch instead of trying to retrofit a business model into a “cool app”. They have two revenue options for content creators: 1. subscription – where an audience can pay a fee to access exclusive content (think celebrities) 2. pay per view or download.

I also find it interesting that the development team, Kobo, favors a comprehensive solution (text, video, pictures) as an alternative to specialized apps (Twitter, YouTube, Instagram). This bucks the “specialized app” trend that I’ve covered here extensively, but eventually I believe consumers will favour an “all in one” solution instead of “best of breed” apps.

Warning!UPDATE: Saturday morning: Twitter yanks Pheeds ability to post to Twitter.



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