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Email marketing – Why do female senders perform better that males? / CleverTouch

Results from marketing automation campaigns, totalling over 13 million recipients, show that on average emails sent from women achieve 18 percent click through rates versus those sent from men (10%).In addition, the study of data over the past three years from CleverTouch’s client campaigns reveals that the three-day week is a marketing myth. Mondays and Fridays perform equally well for campaigns, with no significant difference in open rates. However, these two days are frequently overlooked by marketers who view them as too close to the weekend.

Afternoon campaign sends perform marginally better than morning sends, achieving 14 versus 12 percent click rates.

The data also confirms that three-touch campaigns over single emails tells a better story, with open rates improving significantly between emails one, two and three (15%/20%/24%).

“We know marketing automation is about applying a science to nurturing a prospect through a journey, but it’s good to see solid statistics to back up the theory,” said Adam Sharp, MD and founder at CleverTouch. “No longer is it spray and pray, marketing now should engage at the right point and tell a story. Get this right and one-off interactions become qualified leads, which our customers will testify to.”

“Obviously the basics around targeted campaigns, good content and clean data apply, but get this whole mix right and your email marketing will be transformed,” added Sharp.

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