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Fit Skin for Life!

Cult British skincare brand Mama Mio has engaged Cherry London to bring on board partners, including Mumsnet and Zumba Fitness, for a global campaign that seeks to empower and educate women on “Fit Skin for Life”.

Carefully selected partners with a close brand affinity to Mama Mio will allow the skincare brand to tap in to key target markets, including pregnancy and fitness.  Cherry London devised a partner strategy to introduce the concept of “Fit Skin” to new audiences, leveraging media and brand credibility from partners Mumsnet and in the UK, and Zumba Fitness and online community The Bump in the USA.

The campaign, which runs on Mama Mio and brand partners’ social and online channels, aims to educate and inspire confidence in women across the world.  Mama Mio are firmly demonstrating their belief in the products, by giving away £100,000 of products through brand partners, driving consideration of Mama Mio and increasing reach and awareness of the specialist skincare brand.

This sampling activity will put the products to the ultimate test: a “10 day try-out” for thousands of women that comes with a guarantee that consumers will see the benefits of the products in just 10 days.  As well as the products, partners are also offering a specially-developed unique Fit Skin Test that delivers a personalised Fit Skin Report to each user.

UK Partner activity on launched on 15th October, including social media and online promotion: a dedicated microsite with launch on at the end of October, alongside other promotional activity.

Tamara Gillan, Founder and CEO at Cherry London, says: “It’s so impressive to see a challenger skincare brand like Mama Mio putting their product to the test on such a grand scale, and partnering with big brands to bring credibility and reach to the campaign.”

Sian Sutherland, Founding Partner – Chief of Mama Mio says “We have a very simple goal – to reach more women with our fit skin message and with our skincare.  As a small brand we needed to do this in a smart, super-targeted way: Cherry had an immediate affinity with our brand DNA.”

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