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Kantar Media launches tools to help marketers and agencies understand the WHY of consumer behaviour

Kantar Media TGI today launches The WHY Code, a major new initiative that provides insight into what drives consumer choices. The WHY Code illuminates every stage of the consumer decision making journey, from the most conscious triggers of decisions to fundamental subconscious values. It has been developed over the past two years by TGI, Kantar Media’s syndicated consumer media and marketing survey specialist.

The WHY Code comprises a suite of tools based on four logical steps in the analysis of consumer motivations. It builds upon the wealth of consumer insight that exists within TGI, combining it with cutting edge consumer psychology techniques. Its marketing applications are virtually unlimited, informing everything from exploratory research, brand positioning and product design, to targeting and communication.

Richard Poustie, Head of Kantar Media TGI UK & Western Europe, comments “The media and marketing industries have never had so much behavioural data to hand. Vast quantities are produced every day, highlighting consumer actions. Whilst such data can quantify certain aspects of a campaign they cannot satisfactorily explain why a consumer acts in a certain way.

“The WHY Code brings what marketers have sought for a long time, giving them the opportunity to genuinely influence the consumer decision process”.


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