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LoopMe Media / The launch of a new social media data powered, personalised ‘ad inbox’

LoopMe Media has launched a new mobile ad format – a dedicated ad ‘inbox’ that consumers can click to reveal a choice of offers, apps, promotions and branded experiences in one place.

The solution has been developed to address familiar problems for app developers and publishers, who need to raise revenue from advertising but find that most ad formats are intrusive, not optimised for phones or tablets, or take users away from their apps.

Adding a LoopMe button solves all these problems. Users can click on the icon to open up an ‘inbox’ comprising a range of offers. They can interact with several advertisers in one session, as for web browsing they are not migrated away from the app itself. Instead, they can click on a ‘back’ button at any time.

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They can also ‘like’ ads, share offers and see how many times ads have been interacted with to build a picture of the best and most trusted advertisers.

Meanwhile there’s no disruption to developers and publishers; they can integrate LoopMe to gain extra revenues while retaining all their existing mobile ad supplier relationships.

Finally, by providing a trusted and transparent inbox for ads, LoopMe counters the increasingly intrusive and aggressive forms of mobile advertising that lead to click fraud, accidental clicks and bad customer experience.

LoopMe was founded by mobile ad industry veterans Stephen Upstone (CEO) and Marco Van De Bergh (CTO), who worked together at Ad Infuse and Velti. They are joined by Board Advisors Russell Buckley (was first employee & MD EMEA Admob and Global VP Google Mobile Advertising) and Kate Burns (was first employee & MD Google Europe, MD Bebo Europe and CEO AOL Europe).

“Mobile is set for exponential growth, but many current mobile advertising formats irritate consumers, who then become desensitised to ad messages” said Upstone.

“This is bad for consumers and it’s not great for developers either.

“Our new ‘ad inbox’ is unintrusive and actually gives choice and power back to the user. Its the first ad format to capitalise on the influence that peers and social networks have on purchasing decisions and uses social advocacy to create more compelling customer experiences.”


About LoopMe Media

LoopMe is global leader in mobile advertising inbox technology and uses social preference targeting to improve customer experience and results for advertisers and publishers. LoopMe’s mobile ad inbox SDK is integrated into apps in smartphones and tablets globally. Publishers and app developers use LoopMe to grow revenue and improve app loyalty and customer experience for users. Adding LoopMe to apps is very simple and brings additional revenue without changing any existing mobile ad suppliers. Advertisers can use existing mobile ad units and formats to promote offers, branded experiences and apps to consumers that are actively engaged and confident to interact and purchase.

LoopMe was founded by mobile advertising veterans Stephen Upstone (CEO) and Marco Van de Bergh (CTO), with the intention of making advertising less intrusive, more enjoyable, valuable and relevant giving mobile consumers’ greater choice and confidence to browse, interact and purchase on their mobile device.

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