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Rocket Fuel enters Japanese market via strategic alliance with cyber communications inc.

Rocket Fuel, the leading provider of artificial intelligence advertising solutions for digital marketers, today announced it will expand into Japan via a strategic alliance with cyber communications inc. (cci), Japan’s largest digital marketing company and a wholly-owned subsidiary of Dentsu.cci chose Rocket Fuel to bring programmatic, intelligent, real-time media buying of exchange inventory to Japanese advertisers based on the strength of Rocket Fuel’s technology, customer references and service teams. Rocket Fuel already has offices in 15 cities worldwide including New York, London, Toronto, and Hamburg.

Rocket Fuel is the only real-time bidding and optimisation platform that combines artificial intelligence with big data to deliver outstanding results from awareness to sales for more than 700 customers worldwide.

cci is the largest digital marketing company in Japan offering a full range of advanced digital marketing solutions for media buying, planning, execution, and measurement to more than 500 advertising agencies and over 500 publishers.

Under the terms of the strategic alliance, cci will run its digital ad management service, “PerformanceX Management,” on top of Rocket Fuel’s platform, offering full-service brand and direct response campaigns to clients.

Hideyuki Nagasawa, President and CEO of cci, commented: “From many possible solutions, we chose to create a strategic alliance with Rocket Fuel to deliver its artificial intelligence solution for programmatic buying of display, video, mobile, and social media to our over 1,000 agency and publisher customers.”

Hideyuki Nagasawa added: “Rocket Fuel clearly provides the best automated optimisation technology on the market. With Rocket Fuel, advertisers and publishers can harness the power of real-time Advertising That Learns™ technology to obtain optimal performance and ROI from every single impression served.”

Programmatic, real-time buying of exchange inventory currently accounts for less than 2 per cent of media buys in Japan, but advertisers have expressed strong demand for the technology. As Japan’s largest digital marketing service provider, cci’s decision to work with Rocket Fuel will fuel the rapid uptake of programmatic buying among the country’s largest brands and agencies.

George John, CEO of Rocket Fuel, said: “Programmatic buying is transforming the global advertising sector, and we’ve seen unprecedented demand for our artificial intelligence advertising solutions from brands and agencies around the world.”

George John continued: “Japan has a sophisticated advertising economy and is an important market for Rocket Fuel as we continue to expand globally. Signing a strategic alliance with the largest and most respected marketing services company in Japan is an honour, and will accelerate the adoption of Rocket Fuel’s technology to Japan’s top brands, agencies, and publishers. We look forward to working closely with cci.”

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