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“Three out of five SMEs feel they lack the expertise and are worried about the costs – both financial and time – involved in launching an online ad campaign / Sean Riley, CEO of Ad Dynamo

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First one-price-for-all online ad system offers businesses online marketing simplicity.

58 per cent of small-to-medium sized businesses are concerned about the time, costs and expertise they need to implement online advertising campaigns.

New Price Plans by Ad Dynamo empowers business-owners from the complexity, needless negotiation and campaign management of online ad campaigns

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For the first time, owner-managers and supervisors responsible for marketing can avoid the time-commitment and confusion often posed by launching an online advertising campaign, whilst still attaining the expertise of a global online advertising marketplace. Regardless of a business’s industry, location, product or market-size, the new Price Plans from Ad Dynamo offer online ad campaigns at fixed prices. The plans deliver price transparency, efficiency and guaranteed results – qualities that often elude so many non-expert buyers of online marketing campaigns.

All the variables have been removed for the ad buyer, so the novice need not tackle the ever-steepening learning curve, overwhelming acronyms and daily budget management requirements associated with online advertising. When deciding to run an online ad campaign, the business just needs to decide if it wants to prioritise brand awareness or visits to their website. The only other question is how big they want the campaign to be. Ad Dynamo’s experts then create a number of clickable online banner adverts; set-up the campaign and continually manage the display of the adverts to relevant people who are visiting one of the 34,000 online publishers that have partnered with Ad Dynamo.

The deliverables are guaranteed up-front and there’s no commitment beyond a one month campaign. To monitor progress on achieving the ad campaign’s goals, Ad Dynamo provides the advertiser with live campaign performance reports to make measurement of return on investment a doddle.

Brand Awareness

Businesses that want to prioritise attaining greater awareness of their products and services amongst their target market choose Ad Dynamo’s Brand Price Plan. Just £1000 delivers 480,000 views of the business’s advert, a reach that exceeds many TV commercials. After developing an online banner advert – which enables customers to click through to the business’s website – Ad Dynamo’s experts build recognition of the business by targeting customers based on their interests, their location, the types of information they consume online and their use of social media, like Facebook and Twitter.

Ad Dynamo’s team constantly manages the ad campaign, ensuring it is displayed to people most relevant to the business using the Brand Price Plan. Business owners and marketing managers no longer have to waste valuable time on the active campaign monitoring and management to achieve their online advertising objectives, but the system gives them access to live performance reports to show how many times the ad has been viewed.

Ad Dynamo Brand Price Plan is available in three campaign sizes: 480,000; 1.2 million and 5.4 million ad views in a month, priced at £1000, £2100 and £6000 respectively.

Website Visits

Ad Dynamo’s Traffic Price Plan prioritises attracting customers to businesses’ websites – key for those that want to sell products directly via their website or that must offer more information to customers before securing a purchase. Ad Dynamo’s experts drive relevant people to the business’s website by creating and displaying a banner advert that encourages people to click on it. Using data and advanced probability tools,

Ad Dynamo’s experts then calculate when and where to display the banner to the Internet users most relevant to the business. Just as with the Brand Price Plan, Ad Dynamo’s team constantly manages the campaign to generate new website visitors for the business. By accessing the ad campaign’s performance reports the Price Plan buyer can see how many people the ad campaign has driven to their website, the time and date of their visit, the website they were on when they saw the advert, and more.

Like the Brand Price Plan, Ad Dynamo’s Traffic Price Plan is available in three campaign sizes: just £1000 generates 1,800 click-throughs to the business’s website in a month. For 4,200 banner clicks per month, the price is £2,100, and £6000 drives 13,500 clicks per month.

Sean Riley, CEO of Ad Dynamo said: “Our research shows that three out of five SMEs feel they lack the expertise and are worried about the costs – both financial and time – involved in launching an online ad campaign. Technology is supposed to make life easier. Online advertising should be no different, but ad networks’ services are now based on so many variables that time poor executives can just want to give up before they even start. That’s why the Ad Dynamo Price Plans are straight-up, no-nonsense and simple.

Business owners want to spend their time selling, helping customers, developing products and delivering their services, not learning the what’s and how’s of online advertising. The Brand and Traffic Price Plans keep things simple: the business manager takes the decision on the broad advertising strategy and Ad Dynamo’s online ad experts deliver.”



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