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Research / Discover more about the impact of live events / FaceTime

FaceTime write .. There’s lots of anecdotal evidence that a multi-sensory experience could lead to a much richer engagement and appreciation for brands, products and service that use live events within their marketing mix.

sensory events

We decided we wanted to discover more about the impact of live events than a traditional approach to event research would show.

We commissioned Cog Research to put numbers to this ‘hunch’, so you could properly evaluate live events on an objective basis alongside the myriad of contemporary media opportunities.

We surveyed 1,160 visitors to four live events (two trade and two consumer) interviewing people pre and post attendance of a show,

It was a fascinating piece of research and showed how the conscious and sub-conscious mind are influenced by face-to-face communication at events.

All is revealed in the links below.

Live Events Change Minds – top line results in a snappy one-pager

Live Events Change Minds – all our findings in an indepth PowerPoint presentation

We think you’ll agree that it really does prove the ‘overriding truth’ that live events are one of the most effective marketing tools in the mix and that despite technological advances, face-to-face marketing remains one of the best ways to increase sales for your business.

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