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Platform and TAG Heuer create covetable application to engage audience

Customers don’t want to be passive observers. They want to be hands-on and interact with your brand. This was exactly the conclusion that leading creative design agency, Platform came to when they were briefed on designing and creating an interactive customer experience for Swiss watchmakers TAG Heuer for the Goodwood Festival of Speed.

Platform’s challenge was to produce a user interface that reflected the luxury brand, while packaging existing TAG Heuer assets in a way that was appealing to a different audience in a different setting.

Using their extensive experience across 3D and digital, the Platform team designed and built a user interface that worked on multiple levels, but was intuitive to use and easy to update.

Created as an app that ran on a number of tablets in TAG Heuer’s Pavilion at the Goodwood Festival, guests were invited to connect with TAG Heuer’s brand ambassadors with clips from iconic movies featuring Steve McQueen interwoven with footage from brand ambassador Lewis Hamilton, reflecting the excitement and tension present at the Festival of Speed.  The app also allowed TAG Heuer to showcase its beautiful, high-performance product range including its Speed Collection as well as celebrating Jack Heuer’s 80th Birthday

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