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Sendible, Bazookr and WOW Analytics – social media business tools we use to make sure theMarketingblog gets an advantage in 2013

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How difficult is 2013 going to be for mobile marketers, bloggers  and email marketers? Probably there will be no respite – it’s going to be tough.

Here are three new UK social media business tools which we at theMarketingblog are going to use to make much needed progress in 2013. They are well worth checking out. Do it now – Will Corry 01784 434 412 Call today – your time will be very well spent.

Sendible brings together Social Media, Email and SMS technologies to help grow your business, monitor your brand and track results Call 0208 123 1526

New :  Monitor LinkedIn group discussions for a given LinkedIn group

Brings together Social Media, Email and SMS technologies to help grow your business, monitor your brand and track results. Getting started takes less than 60 seconds. The easiest way to manage your company’s social media Call 0208 123 1526



Twitter at Bazookr / Who else wants to build an audience of 100% targeted, fully opted-in, real potential customers? Call 0800 779 7103

Twitter at Bazookr

Twitter is the best social network to build a large audience of potential customers – quickly, organically and affordably.  Think of any audience (B2B or B2C) and we’ll build it for you.

Why Choose Bazookr?

We are social media ninjas. This is all we do (and we’re very good at it). Our business is to help you increase your online presence and get you greater exposure to sell your products or services – using social media. Call us or pop in for a chat. There’ll be NO pushy sales pitch. We’ll simply explain the options, costs and what’s right for your business. Call 0800 779 7103

Easier said than done, as when we invest in natural search techniques (SEO) and fill tactical key phrase gaps using Pay Per Click we only solve half the problem. These activities will almost certainly drive more visitors to a site, but we don’t know who our website visitors are they are unless we can get them to identify themselves! WOW Analytics

Even using advanced web capture techniques and the age old marketing trick of “bribery and corruption” to encourage these highly desirable individuals to leave their details, will typically deliver less than a 1% conversion in the B2B world.

Never has naming a product been so easy, we simply listened to what people said when we told them what the analytics tool offers! Who’s on When, Who’s on Where, Who’s on Why? The important part is the ‘Who’!

Using one of the most extensive UK data sets we match your visitor’s IP address to our known universe of UK companies (not Who IS on the IP) and let you see who is on your website – WOW! Call 0844 880 2899

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