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“First mobile couponing that operates right across retail” / Sam Blunt, Kellogg’s UK

Shopitize has begun piloting a mobile couponing app that lets British shoppers get cash back on their Jaffa Cakes and Coco Pops.

The firm has signed up Kellogg’s and United Biscuits for a thousand-strong pilot of its couponing service this month, enabling participants to receive up to 50% off on items including McVities Jaffa Cakes, Special K and Pringles.Users who download the Shopitize iPhone or Android app and buy featured products take photos of their paper shopping receipts, which are then automatically processed and validated, with cashback returned either by PayPal or old-fashioned cheque. 

United Biscuits says that the big advantage of the system is the fact that the app gets round the challenges associated with redeeming paper coupons in store.

Sam Blunt, brand experience and digital controller, Kellogg’s UK, adds: “Mobile technology is becoming more and more integrated into our everyday lives, and Shopitize is the first mobile couponing system we have seen that operates right across the retail trade.”


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