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There are 9,999 copies of the “Kiss Superstition Goodbye” Campari 2013 calendar available

Campari Calendar Penelope Cruz Umbrella Shot | Alcoholic Drink

Campari has already wowed audiences with its 2012 Milla Jojovich calendar and this year they aim to capture the imagination of consumers once again with a calendar starring superstar actress Penelope Cruz.

The Oscar-winning actress appears in a calendar which is themed by superstitions – such as opening an umbrella indoors and black cats crossing one’s path – and features a number of major fashion brands, boosting Campari’s luxury credentials.

Shot by photographer Kristian Schuller, there are 9,999 copies of the “Kiss Superstition Goodbye” Campari 2013 calendar available, which will not go on general sale but instead be circulated to a number of the brands associates making the calendar even more collectable.

Speaking about the calendar, Bob Kunze-Concewitz, CEO of Gruppo Campari, said: “For the 2013 Calendar, our intention was to represent the power of confidence in believing you can defy anything, and kiss goodbye to superstitions such as broken mirrors and mystical black cats.

“It is our mission to offer Campari lovers an intense, pleasurable moment to celebrate confidence and the magic power of the number 13.

“Penelope’s incredible personality and beauty meant she was the perfect choice to embody this year’s controversial theme. Kristian has done a truly magnificent job of bringing our vision for the Campari Calendar 2013 to life, and making it even bolder with his inspired and contemporary approach.”

Of course, Hollywood is not a stranger when it comes to Campari’s promotional projects.

Last December, Campari enlisted the help of Joel Schumacher for its ‘The Expectation’ advert.


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