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Government launches piracy protection program- how brands can stay ahead / David Price, NetNames

David Price, head of piracy intelligence at NetNames comments on the Government taking steps to help businesses better exploit their intellectual property online:

“As the government launches a welcome initiative to help businesses exploit and protect their creations and innovations, it is important that companies understand the many perils that can arise from unwelcome online attention.

In today’s digital world, it is critical for brands to help consumers understand the importance of using legitimate sites and the value of purchasing legitimate products, not just to maintain the credibility of their online shopping but to protect themselves online from fake goods and unknown suppliers.

Organisations need the ability to monitor the internet for any unapproved use of company information. By carefully patrolling online sites for possible counterfeits or by introducing tools and processes that can immediately alert a brand holder when a domain name featuring their brand, trademark or intellectual property is registered, for instance, organisations can maintain full control over intellectual property and make it tougher for online-criminals to profit from digital brand abuse.

The internet is a vast market that offers untold potential for business but without adequate brand protection, businesses can see their hard-earned work devalued in seconds by counterfeiters and criminals.”

David Price

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