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Scoopshot is a crowdsourcing service for news photos and videos

In a move that could shake up the professional photography industry, Scoopshot is launching a new service that makes commissioning a photographer easier than ever. Launching today worldwide, Scoopshot PRO gives the media, ad agencies and other companies access to a global pool of professional and accredited amateur photographers, and the ability to set, manage and pay for assignments.

To join the Scoopshot Pro network create your portfolio here or to commission an image, visit:

Using Scoopshot’s web platform, buyers can search for photographers by location and expertise and view a portfolio of their recent work to assess the style and quality of their work. Buyers can select the photographers that they would like to receive quotes from, brief them on the assignment, and commission the photographer that best meets their needs and budget.

Buyers can choose from up to four licensing options, ranging from basic one-off use of images through to unlimited use in editorial and advertising. Transactions are conducted via Scoopshot’s secure web platform, making the service quick and easy for all parties. A forthcoming update to Scoopshot’s iOS and Android smartphone apps will see Scoopshot PRO integrated, allowing editors to search for professional photographers ‘on the go’. Photographers will also be given the opportunity to receive an alert when an assignment for them is available.

The service is free for photographers to join and Scoopshot takes a commission per assignment that is considerably lower than many stock photo companies, which typically take around 60-80% commission depending on how the image will be licensed.

“Finding a quality photographer in the right location, who you can trust to take the pictures you need quickly, is a big challenge for many companies today, including media and ad agencies,” said Niko Ruokosuo, CEO, Scoopshot. “Often publications will resort to flying a photographer out to the scene, or settling for a compromise and using an untested local photographer or buying a stock photo. Not only can this be expensive it can be incredibly time consuming to complete all of the necessary admin and arrange payment.”

“Searching and finding the photos you need from millions of stock photos can be frustrating as well, and you can end up acquiring a photo used by many others. With the launch of Scoopshot PRO we’re offering a faster and easier way to acquire bespoke content. By joining our network, freelance photographers can get more work, make more money, and cut out the hassle of completing supplier forms and chasing up unpaid invoices,” added Mr Ruokosuo.

Scoopshot PRO is already proving popular with photographers. More than 2,000 freelance photographers signed up to the service prior to the launch, including many in the US and UK markets, of which 700 to date have been qualified. Scoopshot has also had interest from photographers in war zones, including Ahmed Deeb, an experienced photojournalist based in Gaza.

Award-winning, London-based photographer, Alan Gignoux, explains why he signed up to Scoopshot Pro: “As a freelance photographer my work takes me across the globe, but no matter where I go I end up spending a lot of time filling out forms. Scoopshot Pro appealed to me as they take care of all the admin and can even arrange payment. All I had to do was create a portfolio and wait for the assignments to start coming in.”


To join the Scoopshot Pro network create your portfolio here or to commission an image, visit:


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