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All about Microsoft, 3D printing, Kim Dotcom case, BBH’s Rosie Arnold, evian, Expedia and Thomas Wood / via The Drum

Microsoft reveals Xbox LIVE NUads platform received 37% engagement rates since autumn 2012 launch
Advertising – 07/01/2013

3D printing: A gimmick or a game changer?
Digital – 04/01/2013
US Government said to have ‘lied to get information’ in Kim Dotcom case
Digital – 06/01/2013
BBH’s Rosie Arnold on the return of long-form TV ads in 2013 and why women’s creative ideas are judged differently from men’s
Advertising – 07/01/2013
evian proves Canary Wharf is swinging as part of Live young campaign
Marketing – 07/01/2013
Expedia make the most of luggage tags in Ogilvy campaign
Advertising – 07/01/2013
‘Off the Map’ project from graphic designer Thomas Wood reveals the secrets of London Underground’s forgotten stations
Design – 07/01/2013


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