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Events : Join TNT Express on its Integrated Marketing Journey!

by on January 11, 2013 in Ecommerce, Events, Events & Awards, Latest News, Research, Retail News, Small Business, Startups

Improving Marketing Operations Scores Ahead of Conversations with Customers as Top Strategic Goal for Marketers.

TNT Express will give invaluable insight into how an Integrated Marketing approach can accelerate and improve performance at Aprimo’s next Marketing VIP Lounge Event.

The event is free to attend. Please register via our VIP Lounge Registration.

London, UK, 09 January 2013: Aprimo®, a Teradata company and a global leader in cloud-based integrated marketing software, will be sharing its latest insight into top marketing strategic goals and how marketing leaders can successfully tackle these at its next Integrated Marketing VIP Lounge in London on 17 January 2013, while TNT Express will give an invaluable insight into its journey to automate and integrate its marketing globally.

When Aprimo asked marketers last year about their top strategic goals, 31% said ‘improving their operation’ – ahead of the 30% who mentioned ‘having relevant conversations with the customer’.

With the proliferation of channels and explosion in data, every marketer’s job is getting harder and working hours longer. And with nearly 1/4 recognising the need for better measurement of their marketing, the picture is clear – marketers are challenged by the breadth and depth of their jobs and are desperate to proof their marketing worth.

“Most businesses have automated their campaign management and digital marketing execution but not done the same for their marketing operations. But not automating and integrating marketing operations can result in inefficiencies, waste, poor collaboration and the inability to calculate and prove ROMI.” says Conny Lutz, Head of Marketing UKI, Aprimo. “However, an Integrated Marketing approach that supports Marketing Operations Management can help solve these problems and enable marketers to improve efficiencies and cut waste whilst proving and increasing ROMI.”

“Aprimo client TNT Express began a journey over two years ago to automate and integrate its global marketing organisation. While still on their journey the company has already seen greater transparency, improved reporting and analysis, increased efficiency and the ability to measure ROMI for the first time in TNT.” continues Conny. “We are very excited to have TNT give an invaluable insight into their journey at our next Integrated Marketing VIP Lounge in January.”

In Aprimo’ s latest White Paper ‘Full-bodied functions for the maxed-out marketer’ Aprimo outlines strategies busy and overstretched marketers can adopt to get a better grip on fast-moving decision points in today’s business environment. The White Paper is written by David Reed, editor of DataIQ, the IDM Journal of Direct, Data and Digital Marketing Practice and guest editor of, and will be exclusively released at the AprimoVIP Lounge, where David will further explore strategies for improving efficiencies and accelerating performance.

Event overview

Aprimo client TNT Express will talk for the first time in the UK about how they have automated and integrated their marketing across 46 countries.

David Reed, editor of DataIQ and the IDM Journal of Direct, Data and Digital Marketing Practice will explore strategies overstretched marketers can adopt.

Aprimo’s Lorna Loney will also look at the underlying technology and show how marketers can effectively and efficiently manage the increasing complexity of marketing whilst demonstrating ROMI.

The event is free to attend. Please register via our VIP Lounge Registration.



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