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Movers & Groovers : Daniel Heale and Laura Pettitt join Way To Blue

Digital native firm adds dedicated social and offline publicity teams to create a full-service entertainment product suite across its global business. Way To Blue

Brit-founded international digital marketing agency Way to Blue will go full-service with the hiring of teams dedicated to social and offline publicity. The web specialists run offices in London, LA, Paris, Madrid and Sydney, and have hired Daniel Heale, former Vue Entertainment head of marketing, and Laura Pettit, former head of film at Diffusion PR. Heale will become associate director of social, while Pettit takes up a post as UK entertainment director.

“We believe that being able to offer clients an integrated service is the future for the film and entertainment industry,” said Adam Rubins, the company’s entertainment CEO. Way to Blue’s clients have included 20th Century Fox, Paramount Pictures, The Walt Disney Company and Sony Pictures Entertainment.

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