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IRX 2013 / Online Merchandising & Selling / the eSeller Theatre





IRX 2013. In this conference we’ll consider getting online effectively (“Start”), getting your business noticed (“Promote”) and converting that interest into sales (“Sell”). This packed and practical day will package learnings from the leading ecommerce businesses to design, build and deploy your platform rapidly; performance marketing to acquire customers via search, affiliates and other high-ROI methods, and increase conversion to sales via on-site, search, merchandising, recommendation and personalized persuasion.

This day’s sessions will leave you with a ready, best-practice set of insights ready for rapid implementation.

Setting up a sophisticated ecommerce business has never been cheaper or easier, meaning you can set up and start selling to an audience of millions in just a few short days. While this is great news for fledgling entrepreneurs it has also converted ecommerce into a highly competitive space with companies spending billions of pounds every year diverting eyeballs to their online shop and away from yours. The key question is how you can set up your business in the most effective way to gain a foothold in this bustling market.

To cover:
– Start-up: website design, functionality, third-party platforms
– Promotion: Online marketing including email, social, analytics, search
– Selling: What it takes to build trust with browsers, turning them into loyal customers and evangelists
– Entrepreneurs: Stories from people who are selling successfully online

Date and time: Day 1 – 1020 – 1230 and 1330 – 1530 (comprising 8 30-minute slots)
Location: eSeller Theatre


10.30 Chair’s introduction
10.30 Session tbc
11.00 Morning keynote: The 10 things that could help your online sales soar.
Drawing on the latest accessible technologies and best practice examples of websites that work, we cut to the chase and identify the 10 most important new ingredients of online selling success. From finding your first sales to making your customers love you, what are the basic tenets of every successful online venture?
11.30 Panel session: How to get found.
Building a fabulous website and filling it full of tools that will help you embrace your customers is the first step, the second is bringing them to your ecommerce shop in their droves. In this panel we ask four successful retailers to explain their unique strategies for delivering eyeballs to their product lines. This panel will encompass:
– Professional email techniques
– Advanced SEO
– Best practice analytics
– Building ROI into social media
– Listing on third-parties – eBay, Amazon,, Etsy 

Speaker: Costas Damianou, Founder,

Speaker: Darren Cresswell, Co-founder, WAE+

Speaker: Felicity McCarthy, Head of SMB Marketing Communications in EMEA, Facebook

12.30 Chairman closes morning session
13.00 Afternoon keynote
13.30 Building trust
How to communicate your values to customers, converting them into super-users and sounding boards for your business. Satisfied customers are a great marketing tool, because, as we all know, word-of-mouth recommendations are the most potent form of marketing possible.
– Great ways to interact with customers
– Offering incentives
– Creating an ‘in-store’ environment
– Returns and customer rights
14.00 Panel session: Advanced selling techniques
Success stories from four ecommerce retailers who have all gone the extra mile to boost sales. What are the latest products, services and techniques that will convert more customers and help your business to send sales into the stratosphere. Our speakers describe what ecommerce entrepreneurs need to do to get established and to grow quickly and sustainably. 

– Virtual fitting rooms
– Personalisation
– Customer experience management
– Targeted online marketing
– Automation of the sales process

15.00 Chairman closes afternoon session.


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