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“Video increases the likelihood of a front-page Google search result by 96% with proper optimisation” [Forrester]

Gary Jennings from 43 Digital Ltd writes … Eye tracking and heat map graphs clearly indicate that the areas of concentration and click activity which have traditionally been focused at the top of the page have now become much more dispersed since the introduction of Universal results.

This is because Universal or blended search results now display images, news, shopping results, local maps and video. So we’re looking at more of the page than before.  Watch Gary’s video.

According to a Google blog post “A video thumb half way down a page of search results will attract as much eye traffic as the number one result”
There are other benefits too. Integrated video in your website creates an enhanced sit-forward visitor engagement, rather than a lean back one and visitors buy more.

“Using video demos of items on product pages increased sales
for Zappos by between 6% and 30%”.

“The conversion rate for shoppers viewing video on product 
pages increased by 400%, while return rates dropped from 12%
to 9%”.

Let’s fact it, trying to get your website to occupy page 1 positions through traditional search engine optimisation can be time consuming, cost prohibitive and nearly every sector is now extremely competitive.

However achieving page 1 positions with video is comparably far easier, and with so few professionally optimised videos, there has never been a better opportunity to attract large numbers of visitors and potential customers to your video content, and claim competitor advantage for your business.

Speak to us about our end-to-end Video search engine optimisation solution and get your video onto page 1.

photo credit: Stéfan via photopin cc

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