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“30% of online ads never visible” company launches in UK / Meetrics

  • Meetrics, the leader in the German-speaking markets in measuring the visibility of online ads and content is launching in the UK.
  • Hires former UK founder of Eyeblaster/MediaMind, Anant Joshi, to head up UK and international expansion
  • Joshi also part of new cross-industry group formed by IAB UK to review Ad Visibility

Having proved that about 30% of online ads served are never visible, Meetrics is at the forefront of the “ad visibility” issue – helping marketers improve the visibility of their ads and reduce media spend costs. Meetrics has also helped Germany’s biggest agencies including Mindshare, OMD, Aegis and publishers such as Tomorrow Focus, Spiegel and RTL.

Based in London, former UK founder of global ad solutions company Eyeblaster/MediaMind, Anant Joshi, has been hired to head up the UK and drive expansion in the role of Director of International Business.

Joshi is also working as part of a new cross-industry group formed by IAB UK, comprised of experts from the buy-side, sell-side and ad tech to review Viewable Impressions/Ad Visibility and address the opportunities and challenges of such a move.

The impetus for the discussions in the UK is the industry wide initiative in the US, Making Measurement Make Sense (also known as 3MS), which calls for a number of substantive improvements in digital media measurement, so that digital media are measured in ways which are compatible with planning, buying and evaluating in a cross platform world.

“The US 3MS initiative is currently debating that 50% of the ad area must be viewed for at least 1 second before counting it as a visible impression. By working with IAB UK we will be able to provide guidance for the UK based on our 5 years of experience in the German speaking countries,” says Joshi.

Philipp von Hilgers, CEO, “The major success we’ve had in Germany in helping increase ad visibility has already translated into high demand in the UK and its impressive how fast the UK is grasping the value of ad visibility. Us being here will help grow digital spend.”

Alongside Joshi’s appointment, Meetrics is also opening a South East Asia HQ in Thailand led by Nutchsara Cayir.


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