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Eva Herzigova swimming topless and the shoes she’s advertising – What’s the connection?

Do we know what association there is between Eva Herzigova swimming topless and the shoes she’s advertising? No. Do we care? No.

As it turns out, the advert featuring Eva for Brian Atwood high heels is a recreation of Marilyn Monroe’s famous pool scene in her last ever film ‘Something’s Got To Give’ which was never completed due to Marilyn’s death in 1962.

Not that we should have to do any explaining about the wonderful Eva Herzigova wearing nothing but the shoes on her feet and going for a swim; she seems to be enjoying herself and we don’t particularly mind watching her do so, so it’s all good.

If that’s not enough Eva for you, check out this little tribute we paid to her for her birthday a few days ago.

In case you didn’t know, she’s 40. Wow.

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