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Hothouse Foresight 2013 – kwittken + company London

by on March 23, 2013 in Lead story, News you can use, PR, Research, Retail, Retail News

Hothouse Foresight 2013 – outlining the trends shaping business, economics, politics, society, technology and the media in the next 12-18 months. kwittken + company London

Hothouse Foresight is a look into the coming year, exploring key themes. Northstar hascollated consumer opinion on these themes surveying a total of 886 people classified as either professionals or general population.

A specialist in building thought leadership communications programmes, KCO’s annual research helps clients anticipate the changing operating environment. Hothouse Foresight consists of both qualitative and quantitative research, the latter conducted by Northstar Research Partners.

For a copy of the research, which includes the quantitative insights, please contact Victoria Houghton or 020 7401 8001.

The research highlights 43 issues likely to impact corporate communications programmes, including:

  • Balancing co-creation with innovation: companies must not abdicate responsibility for inventiveness to consumers, instead they must re-focus on their own R&D
  • Spotting emerging industry segments and geographic markets will be key to growth: companies will no longer be able to rely solely on a rising market
  • Changing role of the state will lead to both opportunities and pitfalls for the private sector
  • Changing social demographics – such as the rise of the single person – will change how communications must be targeted.

The research calls for communicators to become the eyes and ears of an organisation, providing a vital link between the internal company and the external market.

Christopher Clarke, general manager, kwittken + company London, said:

“The last five years have been a sobering time for businesses used to a continually-rising market. Businesses now have two options, retreat or adapt. In a world where growth is harder to find, the temptation can be to focus on the short-term, but we prefer to encourage long-term curiosity about the future.

Hothouse Foresight is intended to help us, and our clients, keep an eye on future trends and what business opportunities they might bring. It is only by being open to new ideas and understanding the world around us, that breakthrough thinking emerges that challenges convention. And it is those companies that challenge convention that ultimately succeed.”

Quantitative research was conducted by Northstar Research Partners London and provided representative data for the UK and US. 886 adults aged 18+ across two categories – professionals and general population – in the US and the UK were questioned online between 1 February and 7 February 2013.

Sarah Mulder, managing director, kwittken + company London, said:

“This year, our research pointed towards a landscape in which both big corporations and political parties find it increasingly difficult to communicate with stakeholders. There is a lack of imagination and innovation, which results in rehashed phrases and outsourced R&D. Communications professionals need to counter this with a return to ‘big ideas’ – being bolder but also taking new trends into account.”

The research was launched at a breakfast briefing today with speeches from Adam Boulton, political editor, Sky News; Paul Mason, economics editor, BBC Newsnight; and Bronwen Maddox, chief executive and editor, Prospect.

For a copy of the research, which includes the quantitative insights, please contact Victoria Houghton at or 020 7401 8001.


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