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How far can you go? Have these One Minute Briefs to advertise the new Oscar Pistorius range from Nike gone over the edge?

I’m all for creativity and pushing boundaries in marketing and advertising, but has the Drum taken it too far? I think so, and they have forgotten a young woman is dead.

Fellow marketeers, what are your views on this piece by the Drum? Am I alone in my thinking? Billie Graham

The #Microchips: top 50 entries from Chip Shop Awards and One Minute…
Thanks to everyone who entered the Chip Shop Award challenge with One Minute Briefs to advertise the new Oscar Pistorius range from Nike…


Some comments …
Trivialising the violent death of a young women and mocking disability, how creative and amusing! You are no better than the ignorant trolls on Twitter. What a shame he isn’t black, you could have added a spot of racism to your disabilist and misogynistic ‘competition’. As professionals, you should be ashamed.Dawn Hignett 

To the staff of the Drum: you f***** up, pure and simple. To try and justify things with a hackneyed “we never intended to trivialise” is disingenuous considering you are marrying the very recent, tragic death of a young woman to a common advertising slogan for no other reason than to try and show how clever you are. For Christ’s sakes grow up and admit your mistake and just remove this pathetic, childish display


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