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In The Telegraph : Airlines which cancel flights, Apple, EU consumer measures, Triple dip recession, Asda, HMV

David Millward reveals that airlines which cancel flights will have to book passengers on rival carriers if they cannot offer one of their own within 12 hours, under a new package of EU consumer measures to be unveiled today.

Philip Aldrick and Rachel Cooper report that Britain is on track for a triple dip recession, according to one of the nation’s leading forecasters, as new figures on the UK’s manufacturing industry dealt a blow to recovery hopes.

Richard Blackden says Apple could have to relinquish its dominant position of the tablet market this year, if as a leading analyst predicts, the phone manufacturer goes out of favour.

Graham Ruddick writes that Asda, Britain’s second largest supermarket group, is considering a rescue bid for entertainment retailer HMV.

photo credit: x-ray delta one via photopin cc

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